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Daiwa CN-901 Professional Series Meter

covers 1.9-200MHZ;
Power Reading 20W/200W/2kW 

Their dual-needle meters have one scale that measures forward power while the other reads reflected power. The SWR is indicated at the crossing point of the two needles… so you can read all three of these important measurements at the same time

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Price R2675
Price subject to change due to
currency fluctuations
Daiwa CN-901


Complete your SOTA weekend
with the Spiderbeam 12m mast.

Fully telescopic fibreglass collapses
 to 1.8m. Weight 3.3Kg.

Ideal for fiiled days and
HAMNET exercises

Price R3200
Prices subject to change
due to currency fluctuations
ALINCO DR-735E 145/433 MHZ

Key Features:
  • Full Duplex.
  • Extended RX 108 - 174 MHz, 400 - 479 MHz.
  • Large Display with "rainbow" of colour options.
  • 1,000 Memories.
  • Scan facility.
  • Power 50/20/5w output.
  • Computer programmable with free downloadable software.
  • Internal duplexer allows single antenna socket for Dual Band antennas.

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Alinco DM330FX Power Supply

This CE-Approved,"Breakthrough" switching power supply packs a lot of features into a
compact, lightweight design that features 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 25amps,
30 peak. Unlike other "switchers", it's electrically quiet. But if you should find noise, don't
worry! The patented Noise Offset Circuit lets you move the switching noise you might find to
another frequency. Other features include a large illuminated "instrument-class" Volt/Amp
meter, rear panel binding posts (30A peak), front panel cigar outlet (10A), two pairs of snap-in
terminals (5A max.) and USB ports (2A max.), front panel voltage adjust, customer-defined
output voltage "memory", ripple less than 50mVp-p and triple circuit protection for
short-circuit, over temperature, and current limiting!

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Alinco - DM330
Alinco DJ-MD5 VHF/UHF Dual Band Transceiver

Built-in GPS Receiver
Covers both VHF and UHF bands
DMR Tier I and Tier II
VFO programmable
RF output selectable from 5W, 2.5W, 1W and 0.2W
Covers both VHF and UHF bands

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Alinco DJ-M5